If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding, holiday event, work party, or graduation party, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, and are wondering how you will house and feed so many people at one time. You want your event to be special, and you want only the best in entertainment and food. But how do you throw an awesome event without wearing yourself out completely? Hiring a catering service such as Beef O Brady’s may be just what you need! Many catering services even offer to host your event, so there is no need to host the event at your place, especially if you do not have the room. The following article outlines some of the pros and cons of hiring a catering service to help you make a more informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Catering Service

When planning a work, graduation, holiday, or other type of event, food and venue are probably the most important details of the evening. They are also the most stressful decisions to make. If your venue is too small, you will have a hard time hosting the perfect party. If you do not have the time to adequately prepare the venue or the venue is too small, you may want to consider finding a venue that can cater and host for you. The following list outlines a few pros and cons to hiring a catering service to take care of the most important details of your big event.

  • Pro: Catering companies can prepare food for hundreds. If you are hosting an event that will feed hundreds of people, there really is no way that you will be able to feed them all yourself. You can assign dishes and ask for help to serve a meal potluck style, but unless your event is a laid-back family reunion, potluck style is not a very classy route. If you are hosting a wedding, you definitely want a more formal affair. Catering companies are able to handle a large volume of people, and can feed everyone at once.
  • Con: Catering companies can be expensive. While the prices of catering companies can vary, you can expect to pay quite a bit if you are feeding 100 people or more. If you want the food to be filling and of good quality, however, catering is the only way to go when hosting large parties. You will have a hard time preparing, heating, and serving food to hundreds of people without the help of a catering company.
  • Pro: Catering companies provide a wide variety of food. If you are preparing and serving the food yourself, you undoubtedly have limitations on what food you can provide. Catering services are run by professionals, and most likely they can provide whatever type of food you wish them to.
  • Pro: Catering companies save you time. If you are planning a wedding or other big event, you are spreading yourself thin as it is. Catering companies will at least take the worry and task of food preparation off of your hands.
  • Pro: Catering companies can provide a venue. Perhaps you are hosting a small affair, but you want a fun atmosphere in which to serve drinks, some good grub, and watch a football game. A catering company such as Beef O Brady’s can provide the food and the venue, so all you have to do is relax and have fun with your friends and family members while you watch the big game.